Running a warehousing business can be tough. If you want to stay on top of the competition, you need to impress your clients as much as possible. Clients are only ready to work with professional and punctual companies. Thus, there is a great need for you to be on time. However, this can be difficult without the use of the right route mapping software.

Badger Maps is the ultimate solution for many business owners, managers, and sales agents. While it is easy to pick a path and get to your customers, this simple task can become complicated if you handle a long list of clients.

Add all your customers’ information to Badger and they will show up on a map. The app makes it super easy for you find your clients on the map and take the quickest route to get them. Badger gives you live traffic updates so you can avoid traffic jams. With the accurate turn by turn directions of Badger Maps, you can be confident that you get to your destination in no time.

Use Badger Maps as your primary database. With the Check-ins feature, you can create time-stamped notes about your activities each time you visit a client. What’s more, if you work in a team, your teammates can update a customer’s profile and let everyone be on the same page in real time.

Badger Maps now satisfies hundreds of customers every day. You can be one of them too by signing up for a free trial today!

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