Are you a field sales agent who are part of the veterinary industry? Whether you sell products or promote services, you are well-aware of the different challenges that may arise from traveling from one customer to another. Without the right planning tools, you can quickly lose your way and find yourself wasting time, energy, and money.

You can finally say ‘no’ to these problems when you use Badger Maps. After integrating your CRM or uploading an Excel spreadsheet to Badger, you can instantly find all your clients conveniently plotted on Google Maps. It shows you the exact locations of your customers so you can properly plan how to get to them in the quickest way possible.

Have you experienced backtracking, doing unnecessary turns and re-routing, and even zigzagging across the city? Badger Maps efficiently optimize your routes so you can avoid all these time-consuming problems. By providing you live traffic updates and accurate turn by turn directions, you can impress your customers with your punctuality.

On average, veterinary business owners, managers, and sales agents have seen a reduction in their driving time up to 20%, while their sales grew up to 25%. These statistics only show how Badger Maps took the number 1 spot in the Sales App category of Apple App Store.

You can use Badger Maps to find new customers. For example, if you are looking for veterinary clinics within a geographic area, Badger Maps can quickly do a search and identify potential customers.

If you are still unsure about Badger Maps, you need to sign up for a free, no-obligation trial. Discover how Badger Maps can bring your business to the next level.

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