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Badger Maps takes the headache out of vending machine deliveries in more ways than you could ever imagine. Integrating your current customer database is simple, be it CRM software or just an excel spreadsheet. That gives you the opportunity to see all your customers spread out on one map. From there, you can manage your clients easily, by:


  • Using our Colorize feature to see different clients, using built in filters
  • Add clients to a route map with the click of  a button
  • Optimize the route to cut down on driving time
  • Check in at every visit, setting a time and date stamped record for future use
  • Use our mobile app to manage your route on the road

Managing your route on the road is made easy with Badger Maps. Your vending machine delivery drivers get an interactive map, with full turn-by-turn driving directions between each customer. They get access to live traffic update, which means they can avoid those bottlenecks and traffic holdups. They can see their visits on a street level basis and, because we are partnered with Google Maps, they can rest assured that they are getting the most up to date information.

"We needed a system that not only provides stats and metrics for managers, but one that actually helps our reps. Badger is a visual mapping software that can be used as a CRM at the same time, it's invaluable for everyone out in the field."

Derrick Green

District General Manager, Colonial Life, Unum

One of the biggest parts of any business is generating new prospects. Traditionally you would spend many hours poring over the internet, looking through telephone directories and searching for the right business to approach. Badger Maps just made that easier. Instead of hours, you can find new prospects for your vending machine business in minutes, leaving you more time to visit and convert them to new customers.

Check the links below to see what else Badger Maps can do for your vending machine business, and learn how you can take out a free trial of Badger Maps to see just how true our claims are.

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