Wouldn’t it be nice if you can easily find your customers on a map in just a matter of seconds? This is something that most outside sales agents wish to have. Especially if your business belongs in the utility sector, you need to efficiently locate your customers and find new leads. All these can be tough without the right tool or software.

With Badger Maps, you can solve your transportation problem. Badger Maps makes it super easy to plot your customers on a map, identify the best routes to get to them, and close more business deals. This saves you valuable time, energy, and resources.

There are a lot to love about Badger Maps. It has partnered with Google Maps to ensure you only get accurate and up-to-date turn by turn directions and satellite images.

Managing your customers on Badger Maps is a stress-free process as well. Use the colorization feature to assign colors to your accounts and see which of them presents the best opportunities. The Lasso Tool allows you to draw shapes around your customers on the map, highlight them, mass update their status, and determine the shortest route between different destinations.

Badger Maps is packed with various capabilities that are typically found in various programs. With Badger, you don’t have to switch to different programs because Badger can do it all for you.

Your utility business will surely thrive with the use of Badger Maps. Give Badger a test drive by signing up for a free trial today!

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