Trucking Routing Software

Trucking Routing Software

Planning your route can be time-consuming and tedious. As this might be the case, it plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of your trucking business. Whether you are making a single trip or visiting multiple customers within the day, you know how important it is to get to your destination promptly. That’s why you need to use a powerful and innovative trucking routing software and that software is Badger Maps.

When you use Badger Maps, you will see your customers in a whole new, different light. Badger shows you the exact locations of your clients and determines the best way to reach them. You don’t have to manually take a customer’s address, know where they are on the map, and physically search for them on the street. You can easily bypass all those cumbersome processes with the help of Badger Maps.

"I can get my sales meeting for the agency figured out and I can push it to everyone’s calendar."

Dylan Schauben

Vice President

Badger is more than just a route optimization software. It also acts as a CRM. Use Badger to collect vital information about your clients. Badger then systematically organizes and sorts out all your customers’ details. With just a simple click, you can add, delete, and edit pieces of information about your clients.

Let Badger integrate with your calendar too. When you do so, Badger shows you your next destination based on the appointments recorded on your calendar. Never miss another meeting again with the help of Badger.

Stop wasting time, energy, and fuel. Your trucking business will surely thrive with the use of Badger Maps. Sign up for a free trial today!

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