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As a trucking sales representative, you are bombarded with so many demands from your work. You need to meet quotas, arrange meetings, visit prospective customers, and close more sales. What’s worse, your traditional CRM is only useful in collecting your clients’ data and giving you a list of things to do. What you need is a CRM with more functionalities and features. That’s why you need the help of Badger Maps.

If you are looking for a trucking rep app, look no further. Badger Maps is currently the #1 sales productivity tool in the Apple App Store. More and more customers are using Badger Maps because of its powerful and innovative capabilities.

Badger grabs your customers’ addresses and plots them on a highly interactive and user-friendly map. The app automatically determines the best route to take every time you travel from one place to another. You can efficiently deliver your services and goods since Badger provides you live traffic updates, accurate turn by turn directions, and satellite images.

What’s more, Badger conveniently identifies possible customers located nearby. By doing a straightforward and quick search, Badger provides you a list of prospective clients and displays their current locations. You can even click on the search results and access available information such as contact numbers, business photos, websites, and others.

Badger is highly mobile. You can download it on your Apple or Android mobile devices. There are more things to know about Badger Maps. So sign up for a free trial today to learn more.

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