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As a trucker, you know that a list of addresses is not enough. Even if you actually know the exact locations of your customers, you still have to figure out who to visit first, second, third, and so on to ensure you don’t waste time backtracking and zig-zagging around the city. What you need is an impressive trucking outside sales app known as Badger Maps.

So how can Badger Maps make your job as a trucker easier and more efficient? Badger Maps shows you the whereabouts of your customers and helps you plan your trips for the day and even for the days to come. When you integrate your calendar with Badger Maps, you get to see where to go next based on the schedules that you have. What’s more, Badger determines the best route to take to ensure you get to your clients the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Badger is super easy to use. The Check-In feature allows you to create time-stamped notes so you can track your activities during the day. Badger also provides weekly reports for you to evaluate your progress. The Lasso Tool highlights multiple customers at once, determine optimized routes between them, and mass-update their details. You can also hide and unhide accounts on your map by using the customizable filters.

There are more to say about the other excellent features of Badger. So make sure you sign up for a free trial today to learn more.

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