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Title insurance

Issuing a title insurance policy often means having to make a visit to the property that requires the insurance. Title insurance is issued as a type of indemnity by mortgage loan lenders and is usually worked out on the value of the actual loan. However, a visit is often necessary to check the value of the property that the mortgage is being given against and, in some cases, to deliver the title insurance paperwork.


Badger Maps offers you a number of features to help you to ensure that you get to your visits in good time. It is important that title insurance papers are delivered on time so, to help you out, Badger Maps offers you a number of features:

  • Easy way to connect your client database to Badger software
  • Easy way to add clients to a route map
  • Easy way to optimize your route map
  • Easy integration with your calendar
  • Full turn by turn driving directions for each title insurance visit
  • Access to live traffic updates
  • Accurate information provided by Google Maps
  • Check in feature, allowing you to create a permanent record of each visits, time and date stamped for accuracy

Badger Maps offers up innovative ways to manage your client list, using our Colonize feature. This allows you to analyze your clients by key metrics, including date of next visit, date the title insurance was issued and much more besides.

Because issuing title insurance is such a precision business, we make it our job to provide you with the right software solution to help you carry out your job in a professional manner. For more details, click on the links below. You can also find details on our no obligation, 7 day free trial, an offer you can’t refuse.


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