Tire distribution

Running a tire distribution company requires careful and precision planning. Tires must be delivered to the right company at the right time or the result could be complete chaos. One way to ensure that your tire distribution delivery drivers know exactly where they are going is to choose a software solution.


Badger Maps is that solution for your tire distribution company. We offer you an easy way to connect your client database to our software, displaying all your clients on a map. Adding them to a route map for delivery is simple and, once you have your list, we will optimize your route to cut your driving time. It is then a simple process to push the resulting driving directions to your mobile or desktop calendar.

With our mobile app, you get

  • A calendar that is fully populated with appointments for the day
  • Each appointment has full turn by turn driving directions
  • Access to live traffic updates, helping you to avoid the bottlenecks and hotspots
  • Check in feature, allowing your tire distribution drivers to create a permanent record of every visit

"Incredible insight into the reps calendar’s and routes that wasn’t possible before I had Badger.”

Dylan Schauben


Badger Maps is designed in a way that, used to its full potential, will give your tire distribution business a reliable and professional image. Nobody wants to do business with a company who is constantly late and you can avoid that with Badger Maps

We also offer you an easy way to generate new tire distribution prospects. With a simple search, you can have access to hundreds of potential new clients in minutes, giving you the opportunity to boost your business significantly.

For more information, click on the links below and learn how your tire distribution business can benefit from our 7 day, no obligation free trial.

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