Running a textile business can be very challenging. You don’t just have to worry about keeping your existing customers happy, but you also be always on the lookout for new leads. Traveling from one client to another is an important part of your business if you want to create more sales and increase your income. Thus, it is only rational to know where your customers are and get to them the quickest time possible.

Today, Badger Maps is helping thousands of business owners, managers, and sales reps in improving their productivity. As a route optimization software, Badger helps salespeople save time, money, and energy.

So how does Badger Maps exactly do this? By plotting your customers on the map, you gain instant visualization of where your customers are located. Badger then determines the best route to take by providing turn by turn directions and live traffic updates.

When you integrate your CRM or upload a spreadsheet to Badger, the app becomes a centralized database for all your customers’ information. No more switching from one program to another because Badger possesses enough functionalities.

As you visit your customers, create time-stamped notes to record activities and updates for the day. Share your updates with your team by uploading your reports to Badger Maps. Moreover, use the colorization feature to assign a color to your clients. This way, you can see which clients present the best opportunities and deserve a higher priority.

These are just some of the best features of Badger Maps that can grow your textile business. Sign up for a free trial today to know more about this innovative app!

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