Telecommunications. It is a vital service that most of us need at some time or another and we come to rely on it. When we don’t have access to telecommunications, it can make life difficult; when we do have it and it goes wrong, we need full service to be resumed quickly.


There are two things that get in the way of you being able to offer a reliable telecommunications service – poor route planning and traffic. Badger Maps is designed around both of those issues; designed to take the hassle out of route planning, and to help you get round all those traffic holdups that stop your telecommunications engineers from getting where they need to be. With badger Maps, you get

  • An easy and efficient way to combine your client database with our map software
  • An easy way to add specific clients to a route map
  • An easy way to optimize that route map for efficiency and to save time
  • An easy way to integrate the clients on your route map with your calendar

“Badger cut down our planning time by half – I was spending about 3 hours a week before Badger, and now I’m down to an hour and a half”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, Aloha NCR

Your telecommunications engineers can take our mobile app with them when they head out on their visits and they will have full turn by turn driving directions for each client. They will also get access to live traffic updates, helping them to avoid the traffic buildups. They get a feature we call Check in, a feature that lets them create permanent records of their visits. They also get access to the most accurate information offered on any map routing software, because of our collaboration with Google Maps.

Badger Maps is the only way to ensure that your telecommunications business can offer a professional and reliable service. To get more information on how we can help you and how to try us out for free, click on the links below.

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