Surveying is another of those professions that can cover a number of different business areas. It is a diverse business, covering every aspect of building, land and construction and is something that must be done properly. In most cases, it is imperative that the individual doing the surveying be on time for their appointments, as the results of the survey are needed for the business involved to move forward.


To help you ensure that your surveying engineers get to their appointments on time, we offer you Badger Maps. With the inclusion of a number of innovative features, Badger Maps is the number one solution for all your surveying requirements. We offer you an easy way to integrate your customer records with our software and show you all your clients on a single map. We offer you an easy way to add the day’s visits to a route map and to optimize that route to save you time and money.

"My new sales hire tried Badger and said, "This is the best tool I’ve ever used, I can’t believe everyone in sales isn’t using it.”

James Stratmann

President, Sunset Industrial Parts

We offer your surveying engineers a mobile app that they can take with them on all their visits. That app gives them full turn by turn directions for each surveying visit; access to live traffic updates, helping them to avoid traffic hotspots and it gives them our unique check in feature. This feature lets them make a permanent record of every visit they make, date and time stamped for future reference, including any follow up action.

Badger Maps offers you a whole host of client management features, all deigned to save you time in the office, driving time and to increase the number of surveying visits you can fit in by up to 25% each week.

For more information on how we can help your surveying business, click on the links below. You can also find information on how to take us up on our free trial with no obligation to purchase.

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