Being an outside supply sales agent might be difficult without the right tools to make your travel more convenient. Even if you have a CRM software, you might find it time-consuming and even tedious to manually plot your customers on the map or guess where direction to take.

Thankfully, those days are over with the help of Badger Maps. Whether you are visiting your clients or finding new leads, Badger Maps will take you to your destination in the quickest and easiest way.

So how is this possible? Badger Maps is a route optimization software that allows users to plot their customers on a map. You can instantly gain the idea where your customers are located. To make things even more appealing, Badger will automatically give you the best turn by turn direction to get to your clients.

There are a lot of benefits that you can gain from using Badger. According to statistics, on average, users have decreased their driving time by 20% and increased their sales by 25%. This results to spending lesser time sitting in your car and spending more time closing business deals.

What’s more, Badger Maps offers you the ability to find new customers. By just specifying the type of clients you are looking for, Badger conveniently finds new leads and display them on the map.

Badger Maps is truly a gift to all outside supply sales agents. Since it is available on smartphones and mobile devices, you can take Badger anywhere you go. So sign up for a free trial today and learn how Badger Maps boost your sales!

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