The sports industry is riddled with so many competitors. Customers are only ready to do business with outside sales reps who are professional and punctual. If you want to gain the trust of a customer, you better find yourself consistently ready and on time and the best way to accomplish this is to use a route optimization software.

Badger Maps is an all-in-one solution that will contribute to the success of your marketing strategies. By entering all your clients’ information, Badger can easily plot your customers on a map and help you get to them in the quickest way possible. So no more backtracking and zig-zagging across the county because Badger has already optimized your route.

Aside from being a route optimization software, Badger serves as a centralized database for all your customers’ information. Create notes with the Check-in feature and never forget about the updates concerning your clients. What’s more, Badger Maps can be used by teams. So if there are new activities done by one team member, he/she can directly upload reports on Badger and let others know about their progress.

Use colorization feature to assign colors to your clients and see which of them present the best business opportunities. With customizable filters, you can widen or narrow down your search results. The Lasso Tool helps you draw shapes around your customers, highlight them, and mass-update their details.

There are other features that you will love about Badger Maps. Discover them by signing up for a free, no-obligation trial today.

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