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When social services are called in to visit premises, it is, more often than not, imperative that they get there in good time. Other times, there will be scheduled visits that need to be carried out. One of the biggest wastes of time, one that cuts the amount of visits that can be made, is the time taken to plan the routes to each visit.


Badger Maps has the solution to that. We offer you innovative and unique software, a complete business solution that can save social services significant amounts of time and money and increase the number of visits that can be made by up to 25% each week.

We offer social services an easy way to integrate their current client database with our software, allowing all their clients to be seen on a map and added to a route. That route is then optimized for efficiency and to ensure that the visits ae made on time. That works well for scheduled visits but what about the emergency calls that come in, the calls that social services must respond to straight away.

"Before Badger Maps, I spent 2-3 hours a week planning my schedule. But now I have a couple anchor meetings for a trip and then I just fill in the rest with Badger as I go."

J. Lynn Isaacs

Sales Rep, Zoll

Those visits can easily be added to a current route map, thanks to interactive mapping. Route optimization ensures that social services staff are directed straight to the premises they need to visit, and live traffic updates help them to avoid unexpected holdups and traffic bottlenecks.

Badger Maps incudes a whole host of features to help social services manage their caseloads and one that we are particularly proud off s one called check in. This feature allows social services staff to create permanent time and date stamped records of every single visit, including any follow up action required.

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