Siding Installation Service

When people need their siding replaced or they want to add new sidings to their property, they want a professional and reliable siding installation service to do the job. They certainly don’t want one that turns up late or, in some cases, not at all.


The problems your siding installations service faces are many. First, you have to plan your day, working out when each visit can be made, how long it will take to get there and, in some cases, how to get to the address. Once that is sorted, you the have to face the traffic and, if you leave for your first visit too late, you will hit rush hour - that is enough to put you back for the entire day.

Badger Maps can help your siding installation service to avoid all of this very easily, with the help of several innovative features. First, we make it easy for you to connect your customer database to our software. That allows you to see your clients on a map and easily select clients to add to a route map. That route can then be optimized to give you the most direct route between customers, giving your siding installation service a better chance of getting there on time.

“One out of every five sales is a direct result of the information Badger gives our team.”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

How does that help with the traffic? That’s where our mobile app takes over, giving you access to

  •  A calendar populated with appointments
  • Full turn by turn driving directions for each appointment
  • Access to live traffic updates, helping you to skirt round the traffic and avoid the bottlenecks

Badger Maps can make your siding installations service one of the most professional and reliable there is. For more information on how each of our features works, click on the links below. We will also tell you how to take us up on our free trial.

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