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With the demise of analog television, more and more people are turning to satellite TV to provide for their viewing. That is good news for your satellite sales company and, with the increase in potential business, it is even more important that you provide a reliable and professional service.

Badger Maps is an all in one business solution. With Badger, you get the ability to plan your routes effectively and efficiently, taking in multiple locations in one days, while cutting down on your driving time. Badger Maps offers your satellite sales reps

  • Easy route planning and optimization, saving driving time and money
  • Easy integration with their calendar, be it mobile or desktop
  • Full turn by turn driving directions
  • Access to live traffic updates
  • Check in, allowing them to create a time and date stamped record of every visit
  • Interactive mapping
  • Accurate and up to date information

All of this means that your satellite sales reps can visit more clients in a week than ever before. But what about pulling in new business? Badger Maps makes it easy to generate new leads with a simple search facility and the use of a number of built in filters. Lead generation has never been quicker, with the added bonus of route optimization; you can soon draw up a list of potential new customers for your satellite sales reps to visit.

Another great feature of Badger Maps is the ability for your reps to generate these leads while they are on the road. Instead of wasting time between appointments, or when a client cancels, your reps can look for new leads in their area with the potential to increase satellite sales.

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