Satellite Installation

Satellite installation engineers spend more time driving than they do actually installing the satellite dishes. There are a number of reasons for this, including

  • Inefficient route planning
  • Lack of proper driving directions
  • Traffic

This all equates to two things – wasted time and wasted money and that’s not to mention the decrease in productivity that results from ineffective use of time. Badger Maps can turn your satellite installation business around and point it in the right direction, resulting in lower overheads and increased productivity.

Many of our customers are amazed at how much our software has saved their businesses – a 20% decrease in driving time in some cases, which equates to substantial savings in fuel and vehicle wear and tear bills. And let’s not mention the 25% increase in sales that some of our customers have reported.

Badger Maps is unique because it isn’t just route mapping software. The ability to integrate your customer database with Badger means that your satellite installation reps can plan their journeys more efficiently, optimizing their route and taking full advantage of all our time saving features:

  • Live traffic updates means they avoid unexpected traffic holdups
  • Turn by turn directions, constantly updated by Google, means no more wrong turns
  • Route optimization means they get an optimal route between clients – no more back tracking and zigzagging across the county

We have a unique check in feature, which allows them to create a record of their visit when they arrive, time and date stamped and with the ability to add notes to the client file. Badger Maps makes satellite installation easy because we take the hassle out of the journey and leave you with happy customers, customers who will come back to you time and again, as well as recommending you to others.

Check out the links below; see how Badger Maps can boost your satellite installation business today and see how to get your hands on a free no obligation trial.


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