Real Estate Rep App

Real Estate Rep App

Do you feel like you need a little help in planning your routes? Do ever wish that you can meet more customers within the day? Do you want to maximize your time, energy, and money? If you are a real estate representative, you probably have thought about these questions. In the real estate industry, the competition is fierce, and you can’t afford to miss any significant business opportunity. This is the reason that you need to use an innovative real estate rep app called the Badger Maps.

Badger Maps helps you to meet as many clients as possible. It gives you the chance to create more sales. As a matter of fact, many Badger users have seen a 25% increase in their sales and a 20% decrease in their driving time.

“Badger does 90% of the logistics of a new sales rep’s job for them, so they sell more efficiently much faster.”

Kellie Glenister


So how exactly can Badger Maps help you?  Badger grabs your clients’ addresses and plots them on the map. Badger is highly useful especially when you have to deal with several customers within the day. With Badger, you get to know where to go next, which way to go, and how to reach your clients in the quickest way possible.

Let Badger integrate with your calendar to ensure you won’t miss any meeting. Badger manages your schedules for the day and tells you where to go next based on the appointments that you have on your calendar.

Finding new leads and potential customers are not difficult with Badger as well. Badger automatically does a search on the map and present to you a list of prospective clients based on the criteria you set.

So if you want to close more sales within the day, sign up for a free, no-obligation trial today!

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