Process Serving

Process Serving

Process serving is a job that is very much time-related. When you serve legal documents, file papers with the courts or even retrieve documents, it all has to be done to a strict timescale. No judge in the country is going to care if you can’t get to the court on time; traffic is your problem, not his or hers.

Badger Maps will put your process serving business on the clock; on time, every time. You need never miss another deadline again if you choose to use Badger Maps. We offer time saving features, such as

  • An easy way to connect your database to our software
  • See all your clients on a map
  • Add each process serving location to a route map and optimize it to save you time and the embarrassment of being out of time
  • Push the route directions to your calendar as appointments
  • Get full turn by turn driving directions for each process serving appointment
  • Get live traffic updates, helping you to avoid the traffic hotspots and bottlenecks
  • Check in at each location to create a date and time stamped record of each visit

“Badger Maps gave direction to our team, it focused their field activity. It also gave us insight where they were spending their time and what results they were getting.”

Jeff Speerstra

District Manager, Anchor Packaging

Badger Maps can save you a lot of time, cutting down the time wasted in route planning, in hitting traffic and in not having to drive back and forth across the county to get to each of your process serving appointments.

Badger is the one piece of software that can put you on top, which can serve time on your competitors and make your process serving business then one everyone wants to use – because they know you are reliable and will get the job done

Check out the links below to see how Badger can best serve your process serving business today and find out how to try us out, with our no obligation free trial.

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