Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is a dirty job but someone has to do it. That someone is you. When you are hired out to maintain pols, the chances you will have a mix of private residential customers and those that have a pool at their place of business. Either way, it is imperative that you arrive on time, do a good job and leave with your customers fully satisfied. That is the only way to ensure you get regular callbacks and a high chance of picking up more business through word of mouth.


Reliability is the name of the game these days and is more important than beating quotes by your competitors. It doesn’t matter how low your pool maintenance fees are, if you can’t turn up on time, it’s worthless. Badger Maps will get you to every pool maintenance job, on time, every time. We can do this because we offer you the most innovative solution in route mapping.

“Badger cut down our planning time by half – I was spending about 3 hours a week before Badger, and now I’m down to an hour and a half”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, Aloha NCR

Badger Maps not only makes it easy for you to add your clients to a route map for the day, we also optimize that route to make sure you get to each place on time, taking the most direct route. We save you from having to drive up and down the same road to get to each pool maintenance job and we ensure that your route takes your preferences into account.

With our mobile app, not only do you get full turn by run driving directions for each of your poo maintenance customers, you also g access to live traffic updates, helping you to avoid the blocks in the system.

With Badger Maps, you get to offer a professional and reliable pool maintenance service. Click on the links below for more information on how we can help you and how to take us up on our offer of a free no obligation trial.

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