Political Organization

Political Organization

If you are involved in or running a political organization, you need to be able to get out to your supporters at all times. Some of these supporters will be known to you while others will be new ones, just come on board to help you. No matter who they are or where they are, getting to them on time is important to ensure their continued support.

That comes down to clever route planning, especially when you need to visit several in one day. If you don’t plan your route right, you can end up wasting a great deal of time sitting in traffic or having to keep driving back and forth to attend to business for your political organization.

"Badger has been able to almost entirely eliminate unproductive prep time for my agents."

Derrick Green

District General Manager, Colonial Life, Unum

Badger Maps is the perfect route planning software. We offer you a whole range of features, designed to make life easy for your political organization. It is easy to connect your current client database to our software, enabling you to see all your supporters on one map. You can see information about each client by clicking on the map icon and add him or her to a route with a single click of a button. When your route map is complete, set your parameters, such as start and finish locations, appointment times, etc. and optimize with another click of a button.

That optimized route is designed to take your personal preferences in mind and to get you between visits in the shortest possible time and distance. Badger Maps can cut your driving time by up to 20% each week, which results in less overtime having to be paid and less money on vehicle wear and tear and gas bills.

Give your political organization the support it needs with Badger Maps; click the links below for more information and find out how to try our software today, with a free no obligation trial.

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