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In any lucrative pet sitting business, pet visits play a very important part. Most often, it’s going to require great management skills and careful route planning to fit in as many visits as you can in one day so your team can have enough time to play with, clean, and feed each pet. With their ever changing schedules, planning individual routes daily will be too time-consuming and tiresome, but you don’t want them backtracking themselves and wasting precious time and resources. You and your team need a mapping and routing tool to help manage your schedules and routes while leaving allowances for emergencies. Badger Maps route optimization software is designed to make the daily routine of route planning easier and faster. A highly efficient mapping tool, it can easily connect to your customer database so you can view your customers’ locations all at once in one map. With just a single click or tap, it can optimize your team’s routes and provide them with the quickest way to reach all their clients’ houses on time. Other notable features offered are:
  • Lasso tool – allows you to draw exact shapes on your map, adjust fields, customize routes, and make mass updates
  • Check-in feature – lets you create a permanent history after each visit you make
  • Calendar integration – connects to your calendar and automatically organizes your schedule
  • Colorize feature – lets you use key metrics to manage your clients
  • GPS technology – allows you to connect to Google Maps on your smart phone or tablet so you can check out where the nearest park, vet office, or pet store is
With Badger Maps, there will be a 25% increase in your team’s productivity and decrease their travel time by 20%, giving them more time to take in even more clients if needed.
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