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Paper Shredding

Most companies who require a paper shredding service have a lot of confidential paper that needs to be shredded and disposed of. They don’t want it falling into the wrong hands and, because of that, they are relying on you to do a professional and discreet job. On top of that, they require you to be reliable and that means turning up when you say you will be there.


That isn’t always possible for one reason or another but, with Badger Maps, you can avoid the most likely reasons for being late. These reasons involve wasting time planning the route in the first place and then getting stuck in traffic on the way. Badger Maps provides you with innovative features, features that allow you to connect your customer database with our software. That lets you see your customers on a map and lets you add them, with the click of a button to a route map. One more click and your route is optimized, providing you with the optimal route between your paper shredding clients.

Badger Maps also has a mobile app that opens up even more features for you to take advantage of. We can give you

  • A calendar full of appointments for the day
  • Full turn by turn driving directions for each appointment
  • Access to live traffic updates, getting you round the traffic hotspots with ease
  • Check in, a feature that lets you make permanent time and date stamped records e each of your visits

Badger maps is packed full of features that are designed to help your paper shredding business present a more professional and reliable image. If you want more details on how we can help your paper shredding business today, click on the links below, where you will also find details on how to take us up on our free no obligation trial.



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