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It used to be that every business kept all their records on paper, in files, resulting in row upon row of filing cabinets stuffed full of paper. Today, we all look to be more streamlined and one way to do that is to go digital, to have all our records accessible at the click of a button, instead of having to search through reams of paperwork. Paper scanning is big business now as companies rush to get their records transferred onto their computer system.


For you to be successful in your paper scanning business, you have to be reliable. You have to turn up at the premises you have been hired to work at on time. Your clients want their business to go digital by yesterday and, when you turn up late, for whatever reason, that can’t happen.

"Badger gives our sales guys the ability to be more organized and have more insight into how to be proactive in the territory. They also discover new leads that they didn't know about.”

Jeff Swearingen

National Sales Director

Badger Maps can take care of all your route mapping needs in an instant. It is one of the most user friendly software’s available today and it can offer you the following features:

  • Easy integration with your current customer database
  • Easy route planning
  • Easy route optimization, to save you time and money
  • Easy integration with your calendar

We also have a mobile app that can save you a great deal of time, with features like

  • The ability to take a calendar with all your appointments listed
  • Full turn by turn driving directions for each appointment
  • Live traffic updates to help you avoid the traffic hotspots.

Our maps are powered by Google Maps, which means you get the most up to date ad accurate information. That means you can keep your paper scanning business moving in the right direction. Click the links below to find out more information on how we can help you today and how to get a free trial of Badger Maps

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