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Do you find it hard to manage your schedule? Do you feel like you need an innovative tool to help you set and remember appointments? Wouldn’t it be nice to spend less time in planning your schedule and more time interacting with your customers? As an outside sales rep selling medical devices, you know how important it is to manage time and spend it wisely. Today, you can get the help you need by using an innovative medical device route scheduler known as the Badger Maps.

The Badger Maps is a reliable and impressive route optimization software that can help you reach your customers the quickest and most convenient possible. It uses a reliable map to help you see the exact locations of clients and avoid long, inefficient routes.

Badger helps you manage your time by syncing with your calendar. By grabbing all the information from your calendar, Badger shows you the venues of each meeting on your map. This means that you can have an idea where your next appointment is and how to get there easily.

What’s more, Badger allows you to create schedules ahead of time. Since you know which customers are near or far from you, who needs more visits, and the purpose of your visits, you can now systematically schedule your trips.

Install Badger Maps to your smartphone or tablet. Since these devices are highly portable, you can easily bring Badger Maps with you and get real-time updates about your customer.

Use Badger Maps as your primary medical device route scheduler. Sign up for a free trial today!

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