When you are in the business of delivering liquor supplies to the shops, you need to stick to a tight schedule to make sure everyone gets their deliveries on time. Your customers don’t care about traffic holdups and they don’t care how many other deliveries you have to make – all they care about is getting their liquor delivery on time.


Badger Maps can take the hard work out of planning a route that contains multiple drops. Instead of poring over maps and customer addresses, and trying to get it all onto your calendar, why not let Badger Maps do it for you? We can make your liquor deliveries run smoothly and on time, every time, with features like:

  • Easily connecting your customer database to our software
  • Easily adding clients to a route map
  • Easily optimizing that route map to save you time and money and get you there on time
  • Easily integrating the route directions with your calendar, setting them as appointments

“One out of every five sales is a direct result of the information Badger gives our team.”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

We also offer a must-have mobile app, which allows you to take your calendar with you. Each appointment includes full turn-by-turn driving directions, taking you straight to each liquor delivery drop without any trouble. We offer you live traffic updates, getting you round those traffic hotspots with ease and we offer the most accurate and up to date mapping information by working with Google Maps.

We also make it easy for you to generate new leads for your liquor delivery business. A simple search, using built in filters will give you more leads in a couple of minutes than you could find in a week using traditional methods, giving you the opportunity to increase your liquor business potential significantly.

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