Professional landscaping businesses are highly sought after and clients are only prepared to spend their money on the best. That means your landscaping business has to be the most professional if you are to leave your competitors in the dust. If there is one thing guaranteed to annoy even the most laid-back of customers, it’s late arrivals.


Think about how much valuable time is wasted in planning the routes your staff need to follow to get to their landscaping clients. Quite a bit when you really sit and think about it. Add traffic into the mix and your staff are running the real risk of not providing a timely service. That’s where you need Badger Maps.

Badger is the all-in one business solution that allows you to put the professional polish on your landscaping business. As well as easy route mapping and optimization, badger offers a whole host of other features, designed to make managing your landscaping clients easy:

  • Colorize – see your clients in innovative and colorful ways, using key metrics
  • Check-in – create permanent time and date stamped records of every visit
  • Lasso feature – draw your own map of visits
  • Drop pin feature – add hard to locate addresses to the map and add them as new client records

Bader Maps also offers turn-by-turn driving directions, street level mapping and live traffic updates as well as an easy way to generate new leads, in the office or while out on the road. With Badger, you can generate new landscaping client leads in a fraction of the time it aces with traditional methods.

Take a look at the links below to find out just how Badger ca boost you landscaping business today and how to get your hands on a free no obligation trial.

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