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Janitorial services conjures up images of cleaners to most people but you know that there is much more to your business than just cleaning. Aside from the cleaning, there is the management and planning aspect, the environmental aspect and the use of the most technologically advanced products and equipment. When a company hires your janitorial services, they want a professional, timely result and that means your crew has to be at their premises on time. vacuum-cleaner-657719_640 Badger Maps takes the strain out of route planning and client management by providing you with tons of useful features, including:
  • The ability to view and manage your client database in new and innovative ways
  • Easily add clients to a route map
  • Easily optimize that route to save you time and money
  • Integrate the route directions with your calendar
  • Full turn by turn driving directions
  • Live traffic updates
  • Street level mapping
One of our most unique features is one we call Check In. This allows your janitorial services crew to check in when they are at each visit, using their mobile devices. They can create permanent records of every visit, each on time and dated stamped, with relevant notes and follow up action included. What about finding new prospects for your janitorial services business? Up until now, you would have to have  member of staff spending hours sat at their desk searching the internet or hunting through telephone directories, looking for prospective new clients. Badger Maps takes the hard work out of that. We give you filters to use to run a search in our software and, using our lead generation software, you can see all those new prospects on a map and choose the ones you want to target. If you really want to see how Badger Maps can benefit your janitorial services business today, click on the links below. You can also discover how to get a free no obligation trial of Badger Maps today.  

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