The word “inspections” covers a whole multitude of different business areas. It could be house inspections, health and safety inspections, school inspections, kitchen, anything you can think of that might need an inspection. No matter what type of inspection your company carries out, it is important that you get to the appointment on time.


Badger Maps is the ideal software to help you plan your routes effectively, making for a more efficient inspection. With Badger Maps, you get a number of useful features, including

  • The ability to connect your client database to our software
  • See all your inspections on one map
  • Click to add a location to your route map
  • Click to optimize the route map, saving you both time and money
  • Integrate the driving directions with your calendar

When you use our mobile app, Badger Maps can get you to your inspections with the minimum amount of hassle, providing you with features such as

  • A calendar populated with appointments
  • Full turn by turn driving directions for each visit
  • Live traffic updates, allowing you to avoid traffic hotspots
  • Check in, allowing you to create a date and time stamped record of each inspections visit

Because Badger maps has partnered up with Google Maps, you can rest assured that the information you are given is up to date and accurate. We also offer three more features:

  • Colorize – an innovative way to sort and manage your clients by key metrics, such as date of the next inspections visit
  • Drop pin – the ability to add locations to your route map while on the road
  • Lasso – draw your own map of visits and optimize it

These are just some of the features that you can us to help your inspections go off in a professional and reliable manner. Click on the links below for more details and learn how to take advantage of our free trial offer.

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