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When you run an industrial equipment supply business, the most important thing is getting the right equipment to the right place at the right time. That building site cant wait around forever; the factory can’t get on until they’ve got what they need and, as time is of the essence, they are not interested in delays.


Your industrial equipment delivery drivers face a number of obstacles every day. First, they need to be able to plan their route to get them there on time. That’s not too difficult if they only have one drop but when you start adding multiple drops to the day, it can be a headache. Valuable time is lost at this stage, trying to juggle between maps, calendars and customer databases to get things right. The next step is getting there and there’s always something to get in the way – usually traffic – wasting even more time.

Badger Maps software is designed in such a way that all of this hassle just melts away. Badger is the optimum route mapping software; a route map that does so much more:

  • You can connect your customer database to Badger and see all your customers on one map – no more shuffling through records
  • You can add the right customers to a route map with just a click of a button
  • One more click and badger will optimize that route
  • Easy calendar integration – simply export the driving direction to your mobile or PC and integrate with your calendar
  • Turn by turn driving directions – gets you to the right place at the right time
  • Live traffic updates – no more traffic hotspots
  • Check-in feature – lets you create a time and date stamped record of every visit

This is a snapshot of what Badger can do for your industrial equipment business. Badger can be your customer database, to keep it all together in one easy to access place. Badger can save you up to 20% driving time each week, adding up to savings in gas as well, and we can help you to make up to 25% more drops in a week.

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