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Running a housekeeping services business is hard work. Your teams have to be in the right places on time and lateness is not tolerated, no matter what the reason. Unfortunately, you can’t always account for the time that is lost on planning the routes for the day, especially when your teams have to be in multiple places across the course of the day. You can’t account for time lost when your housekeeping services teams hit traffic, or have to rely on poor map directions to get them to their next place.


Badger Maps can help your housekeeping services teams get where they need to be, when they need to be there. Badger is a simple all in one business solution, designed to cut the waste out of work, to increase productivity by up to 25% each week while decreasing driving time and saving you money at the same time. Some of the features that we offer are

  • An easy way to connect your customer database to Badger Maps, bringing all your customers onto a map
  • An easy way to add customers to a route map for the day
  • The ability to set your start and finish times, appointments times, and any other information that can help with the mapping
  • An easy way to optimise the route, using your information, finding the most direct route between customers

Of course, while that can help with the time wasted planning the routes, it can’t help with the traffic. But Badger Maps mobile app can. Your housekeeping services team can send their driving directions straight to their mobile devices and integrate them with their calendar, setting all their appointments for the day. When thy take their mobile on the road, they get

  • Turn by turn driving directions
  • Live traffic updates
  • Street level mapping
  • Interactive mapping

On top of that, they can also use our check-in feature to create a record of every visit, a permanent time and date stamped visit complete with notes.

Check out the links below and see how Badger maps can benefit your housekeeping services teams today and see how you can get your hands on our free no obligation 7 day trial

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