Homecare visits play an important part in the lives of so many people; people who have special needs, the elderly, the chronically ill, disabled or recovering from a major surgery. The service you provide makes those people able to continue with their daily lives in the comfort of their own home, without needing to be hospitalized or placed into temporary care. That’s why it’s vital that your homecare staff are able to get to their visits on time. Unfortunately, you probably find that a large chunk of time is lost through daily planning – juggling customer information with maps and calendars – and then more is lost fighting through traffic.


Badger Maps is designed to take the weight and eliminate the waste, by providing you with useful features, such as:

  • Connecting your customer database to our software – this allows you to see your customers easily, in one place, on one map
  • Colorize feature – allows you to use key metrics to manage your clients
  • Route mapping – adding customers to route maps is a simple as a tap of a button
  • Route optimization – another tap optimizes your route to shorten the time and/or distance traveled between clients, without backtracking on yourself
  • Easy calendar integration – push the directions to your mobile or desktop and integrate with your calendar as appointments

Using Badger in this way can save you a lot of time before you even get out on the road and that’s where the savings in both time and money become apparent. With our mobile app, your homecare staff get full turn-by-turn driving directions, access to live traffic updates, which allows them to avoid the worst traffic hotspots and bottlenecks and they get a unique feature called Check-in. This allows them to make time and date stamped records of every visit, taking just a couple of minutes each time instead of having to spend hours in the office writing up notes.

As you can see, Badger Maps can help to turn your homecare business into a truly professional service. Find out exactly how by clicking on the links below. You will also find details on our no obligation 7 day free trial.

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