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While most people are able to get to and from doctor or hospital visits unaided, there are those that can’t. Your home health visits are a lifeline for these people; not only are they able to get dressings changed after major surgery, help with nutrition, illness monitoring and injections, amongst other things, you are also a big source of comfort and company, especially when these people live alone. That is why it is absolutely vital that you get to all your home health visits on time.


It can be a real headache, either in the morning or the night before, planning the route you need to take to visit all your clients. Trying to marry up your client details with your calendar and a route map is hard work at time and it’s also a huge waste of time and resources. Badger Maps is designed to help your home heath visits go off without a hitch and without delays. Badger offers an easy way to see all your clients on a map by connecting our software to your customer database. Clicking on each client gives you the opportunity to add it to a visual route map which you can the optimize to save time – as we all know, time is money and the more time we can save, the more money we can bank.

“Management saw individual reps reach each account with much higher efficiency”

Brandon Arsenault

Director of Sales Operations, Kerr - Danaher

When you take Badger Maps with you on your mobile device, with features such as turn-by-turn driving directions and live traffic updates, getting there on time is no trouble and it’s even easier to get to your next visit without having to keep backtracking on yourself, wasting even more time.

Badger maps is the answer to all your problems when it comes to providing a professional and efficient look and feel to your home heath business. Click on the links below and check out exactly how we can help you and find out how you can try our software free.

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