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Hardware tools

So many stores stock hardware tools now, both independent retailers and major chain stores alike. While this should mean it’s easy to drum up some new business, the fact that there are so many makes the playing field fair game for every hardware tools sales company. That means you need something that is going to give you the edge, something that will find those new prospects fast and give you the tools you need to target and visit them. You need Badger Maps.


Badger Maps is cleverly designed to give you all the business tools you need to manage your client base effectively, efficiently and to find new leads quickly. We offer you a way to connect your hardware tools customer list to our software, so you can see all your customers on one map at a glance. We offer you a way to add customers to your route map, to optimize that route map to save you time and money and a way of integrating those visits with your calendar as appointments.

Badge offers a mobile app, with the most accurate and up to date mapping information by working with Google Maps. We offer you full turn-by-turn driving directions and access to live traffic update, helping you to avoid the traffic holdups that always get in your way.

We also offer you a simple way to sear for new hardware tools prospects, a way that is so easy and so quick that you really won’t want to go back to the old way of doing it. We also offer a whole host of other tools and if you want to know how they can help your hardware tools business, click on the links below. We also provide you with details on how to try out Badger Maps today with our free no obligation trial.

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