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Lots of people need to use handyman services; people who are disabled, ill, or elderly, people who are unable to do the work for themselves and just need a little help with small jobs around the home and garden. You provide a much needed service for these people and it’s important that you arrive on time. What many people don’t see is the headache of planning visits for a day. If it’s just one then it isn’t too much of a problem but start adding multiple visits to your planner and things start to get a little complicated.

Badger Maps is the solution you need to manage your customers and provide more professional handyman services. We give you features like

  • Easily connect your customer database to our software and see your customers on one visual map
  • Add customers to a daily route with a tap of a button
  • Optimize that route with a tap
  • Export your directions to your PC or mobile and integrate with your calendar

Badger also has a mobile app, a vital tool for anyone who is out on the road all day. We offer you accurate and up to date mapping information, provided by Google Maps. We also offer turn-by-turn driving directions to get you there without any wrong turns, live traffic updates to steer you away from hotspots and bottlenecks and you even get street level mapping if you need it.

Another feature that we have, a feature that is designed to cut down on the paperwork you need to do for your handyman services business, is one that we call Check-in. At each visit, you can check in and create a permanent record of your visit, complete with notes and follow up action, all time and date stamped.

To see how these features and many others can help you to provide more professional handyman services, check out the links below and find out how you can get a free no obligation trial of Badger Maps

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