Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a vital service, whether it is on residential or commercial premises. Leaving them uncleaned and full of leaves and debris leads to broken gutters, damp issues and, in some cases, actual structural damage and that is the last thing anyone needs. Most of the time you probably have your regular round of gutter cleaning jobs but, on occasion, you will get an emergency call that has to be attended to. How do you fit that into your busy schedule without creating chaos in your careful planning? By using Badger Maps.

First, how often do you find yourself backtracking on your regular gutter cleaning route? Many people plan their routes form a list of customers without taking the time to actually sit down and work out a proper round route. Badger Maps makes this easy because you can connect your customer database to our software and that gives you access to a number of useful features, such as:

  • Easily see all your customers on one map
  • Select those customers for visits by tapping on them and adding them to your route – any order, it doesn’t matter
  • Set you start and finish times, appointment times and other useful information that you need to plan your route
  • Tap again to optimize that route, taking in the shortest or quickest route between each customer and avoiding having to keep switching back on yourself

All of your driving directions can be pushed to your mobile or desktop, where you can easily integrate them with your calendar as appointments. Our mobile app gives you even more features, including full turn-by-turn driving directions, live traffic updates and interactive mapping, amongst others.

If you want to find out how you can fit an emergency gutter cleaning job into your schedule without too much disruption, click on the links below. See how Badger can revamp your gutter cleaning business today and find out how to get a free trial.

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