Fire Extinguishers

By law and under health and safety regulations, all businesses must hold fire extinguishers on the premises. Each business will probably require a range of different types, depending on the type of business they are. And, if they have to use those fire extinguishers, they must be replaced or refilled immediately. It’s your job to make sure that these companies have the fire extinguishers they need and to make sure they always have them but it isn’t always easy to get to their premises. Sometimes, just poor planning means you end up driving around in circles, traffic gets in the way and, on occasion, you’ll have a client whose business is not easy to locate.


Consider, for a minute, if you had a piece of software that could help you locate these businesses, that could help you get to them in good time and avoid the traffic hotspots. Consider if you had a piece of software that could help you map hard to find premises and generate new leads very quickly. Consider, if you will, Badger Maps.

Badger Maps does all that and more, with efficient route planning and optimization, with a unique feature that allows you to add that hard to locate business to your route and as a new account to your database. Badger provide you with features that help you to avoid the traffic, to record every visit and to generate those new leads in an instant.

That’s right; Badger Maps is your all in one solution, the ideal piece of software to make your fire extinguishers business the one that people call, a professional business that presents a professional face. If you want to know more about how Badger Maps can work for you and your fire extinguishers, click on the links below and find out how to get a free trial of our software today.

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