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Farming and agricultural sales reps are constantly travelling, visiting existing clients to ensure all their needs are met or trying to find new ones and boost business. Sometimes, they have a lot of ground to cover in a single day and it isn’t always possible to get everything done. Mostly this boils down to poor planning, traffic and too much time wasted in the office on one thing or another. Badger Maps can help your farming and agricultural business in a number of ways by providing you with a range of unique features.


We offer client management tools, such as the ability to connect your customer database to our software. That allows you a visual representation of all your clients in one place, so you can see exactly where they are on a map. We offer a tool called Lasso, which allows you to draw your own route on that map, taking in a group of customers that you want to visit. We offer an easy way to add clients to your route map and an even easier way to optimize the route to save you both time and money.

If you want to study your lien base by key metrics, such as date of next visit, date of last visit, sales volume and type of next action for example, you can use our Colorize feature. You can push your driving directions to your desktop or your mobile and integrate them with your calendar. Download our mobile app and you get access to many more features, including

  • Take advantage of Badger with Google Maps for accurate and up to date information all the time
  • Get full turn by turn driving directions
  • Get live traffic updates
  • Use our unique check-in feature to create permanent records of all your visits

This really is only a fraction of what Badger Maps can do for your farming and agriculture business. Click the links below to see more information and to find out how you can get a free 7-day no obligation trial

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