A glasses sales rep has a busy life. Every day a new route must be planned for all the visits he or she is going to do that day and everyday it’s the same old story – time is wasted with the headache of trying to combine a calendar with a route map and all the customer details and it is inevitable that something will go wrong. That’s not the worst of it; when they finally get out on the road, your eyeglasses reps have to try to beat the traffic or waste valuable time sat in traffic jams. What happens when a client cancels a visit at the last minute? Your reps are left sitting there with little to do and that is costing you money.


Badger Maps will save that money and actually has the potential to increase your profit while driving down your overheads and we can do that in several ways. We provide an easy way to connect your CRM or your customer spreadsheet to Badger and that allows you to see all of your clients on a map. From there, they can be added directly to a route map with just a click of the mouse and one more click optimizes that route, using parameters that you set.

Easy export to your PC or mobile device allows integration with your calendar and that all takes just a few minutes, leaving your eyeglasses reps free to do what they do best – make you money. But that’s not all Badger can do. We also offer you an easy way to generate more leads and that can be done in the office or on the road so  next time a rep gets a cancelled visit, he can find the nearest new lead in his area and drop in on them.

Badger Maps offers your eyeglasses reps much more, including a ton of mobile features and to see how they ca work for you, click on the links below. We’ll also show you how to get a free trial of Badger Maps so you can see just how easy it is.

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