The education industry is one of the most recognized in the world. After all, we all need education, whether we are still at school or going back to college to learn another skill. But what about those who service the education industry? Schools and colleges need supplies; teachers need to move around between places of learning and education heads need to be in many different places throughout the course of a day. There are two main reasons why it’s so difficult to fit in every visit that has to be made, so difficult to get anywhere on time. The first is the inevitable traffic on the roads and the second is poor planning.

Badger Maps can help you with both of those and, as it is an all in one business solution; it can also help you with many of your client management tasks. Some of the features included with our software are:

  • Connection of your customer database to our software
  • Easy to add clients to your route map for the day
  • Easy to optimize that route map
  • Easy integration with your calendar, on both mobile and desktops
  • Turn by turn driving directions
  • Live traffic updates
  • Unique check-in feature to create records of every visit at the time of the visit
  • Up to date and accurate mapping information provided by Google maps

Badger Maps is ideal for all your education visits, whether you are an education supplies distributor, a head of education or a teacher, or offering any other form of education services.

Badger also includes many client management tools, including our unique Colorize feature, which allows you to use key metrics to see and manage your client database.

If you want to see how Badger and truly help your education business today, click on the links below. You will also find details on how to try our software for yourselves, free of charge, with our 7 day no obligation free trial.

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