It’s the job of a distributor to get goods and information out in a timely manner, to the right people, in the right places at the right times. Unfortunately, the best laid plans usually go awry and, instead of being a moneymaker, your business can end up being drained of its lifeblood. It’s ok when you only have to send one distributor out on one or two visits but when you have several, each going on multiple visits per day, things can get a bit lost in the planning stages. Add traffic into the equation and you can end up looking very unprofessional.


Badger Maps takes the hard word out of the planning stage and lets each distributor head off with a list of visits, with driving directions, optimized for the quickest route between each one. With turn by turn driving directions, live traffic updates and street level mapping, you will never hear another complaint about a distributor being late again.

Badger Maps incorporates a lot of management tools into its software, including

  • Easy connection to your customer database, be it an excel spreadsheet or a fully loaded CRM
  • Easy calendar integration
  • Check in feature so that each distributor can create a time and date stamped history of each visit
  • Colorize feature that allows you to see all your clients in the way that you choose to see them
  • Drop pin feature that allows your distributors to add hard to locate places to their route map and add them as a new client record
  • Lead generation tools allowing you to find new prospects in an instant

Badger Maps is designed with each distributor in mind and is designed to save you money instead of wasting it. Click on the links below and see how we can help you today and how to try Badger Maps for free.

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