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Dentists need certain equipment to be able to do their jobs properly and they want to be at the cutting edge. This means when new technology or new dental equipment is released, they want it before anyone else and it is down to you to get it to them. They don’t want to see you arrive half an hour late because you got stuck in a traffic jam or couldn’t get your route map drawn up properly; that’s not their problem – it’s yours.


Badger Maps takes the pain out of route mapping and puts you on the right track. The last thing you want is a for your dental equipment company to get a bad rap because your reps can’t be on time, or are completely unorganized when they do get there. Badger helps to optimize routes, using parameters set by you, and not only gets you to each visit on time, it does it in less time and costing less money.

Instead of starting the day with a headache, spending time poring over maps and trying to marry up routes with customers, all your dental equipment reps need to do is pick their visits from a map that shows all their customers, add them to a route map and let Badger optimize it. Driving directions can be exported to both desktop and mobile devices for easy calendar integration and your reps can head out with a spring in their step and a smile on their face.

With our mobile app, your dental equipment reps get access to a mileage counter, live traffic updates, and up to the minute information, along with whole host of other features to make life easy for them and for you. Check out the links below to see exactly how Badger can help your dental equipment company to lead the way and see how to get a free no obligation trial of our software.

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