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Are you running a construction company? If yes, you know how fierce the competition is in this industry. One simple mistake in your customer management and business planning can lead to decreased sales. Thus, it is crucial that you maximize your energy, spend time wisely, and make the most of all the resources that you have. Now, there are a lot of ways for you to accomplish this. However, you should never miss using Badger Maps, an innovative and impressive construction software.

Badger Maps is a sales productivity app that acts as a route optimization, lead generation, schedule manager, and CRM tool all rolled into one. It is currently the #1 sales app in the Apple App Store alongside popular brands such as LinkedIn and DocuSign. On average, Badger users have seen a 25% increase in their sales and 20% decrease in their driving time.

Delivering your construction products and materials is easy with Badger Maps. With the use of a highly interactive and detailed map, you get to see the exact locations of your customers. Badger automatically determines the best route to take so you can avoid long, inefficient roads. You also get complete street-level driving directions and live traffic updates to ensure you get to your clients as quick as possible.

Badger Maps serves as your reliable and safe database for all your customers’ details. Instantly get relevant files with a simple push of a button or tap on your mobile device’s screen.

So stop looking for the best construction software for you. Badger Maps is the optimal solution for your routing and planning needs. Sign up for a free trial today!

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