Construction Account Managers

If you are one of those highly motivated construction account managers, you probably have used a CRM tool or Excel spreadsheet. These tools are helpful when it comes to gathering valuable information about your customers. However, you know there are limitations to what these tools can do. They can only tell you the address of a client but not exactly where they are located on a map. Thankfully, there is now a business tool that can significantly increase your productivity and sales. Introducing, the Badger Maps.

Badger Maps is a reliable and innovative productivity sales app that acts as a route optimization, lead generation, and schedule management software. It is a CRM tool that comes with a territory intelligence functionality. Badger grabs all your customers’ data and gathers them all in one convenient map.

Download Badger Maps on your desktop computer and let it integrate with your existing CRM tool or Excel spreadsheet. You can also install it on your mobile devices and receive and send real-time updates anywhere, anytime.

With the use of a highly informative map, Badger gives you an overview of your sales territory. It tells you where your customers are located and how to quickly reach multiple destinations in the quickest time possible.

You can customize your map with the use of the Colorize feature. Hide and unhide accounts on your map for easy visualization. You can also create time-stamped notes and reports even when you are still in the field – lessening your workload when you finally return to your office.

Badger Maps is no doubt the best productivity app for all construction account managers. If you want to know more, sign up for a free trial today.

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