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Selling, installing, and troubleshooting computer software can be very challenging. This is especially true if you have to constantly visit customers, find new leads, and beat the fierce competition within your local market. This is the main reason you can’t even afford to be late when you set an appointment with your clients.

While you can manually look for your customers on a map or drive through the streets, this is not the most efficient way to function. Thankfully, you can use Badger Maps when selling your computer software.

Badger Maps saves you time, energy, and money by optimizing your routes. This also leads to as much as 25% increase in sales by allowing you to visit more real and potential customers.

Badger Maps gives you access to accurate turn by turn directions and live traffic updates. By plotting your customers on a map, you gain visualization of the location of your clients. This helps you plan your trips ahead of time.

There are different built-in functionalities you should use. The colorization allows you to assign colors to your customers for a better view. Use the lead generation feature to find prospective customers nearby. The Check-ins gives you the ability to track your activities for each visit by creating time-stamped notes. Finally, the Lasso Tool lets you mass-update your customers’ information.

If you want to close more business deals and increase your productivity, Badger Maps is the best investment you probably will make today. So sign up for your free trial now to learn about Badger Maps!

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