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Cleaning Services

Cleaning services agents, by their very nature, have to be on the road and travelling to and from different locations to do their jobs. They load up their vans and set off with a list of customers they need to visit but are they in any particular order? Alternatively, do your agents just work their way down the list, travelling between premises and, more often than not, having to back track on themselves to get to the next one? That is an inefficient use of both time and money and that is where Badger Maps steps into the fray.


Badger makes planning your routes easy. By connecting your customer database to our software (which only takes a minute), you can see all your customers laid out on one map. Selecting the right ones for the day is as simple as clicking on them and adding them to the route map. Set your start and finish locations and then let Badger optimize the route. You can even set times to be at each premise and how long you expect to be there, giving Badger the opportunity to lay out your day, minute by minute. Export the information to your PC or mobile device, integrate it with your calendar and you have a neat list of the days appointments in order.

When your agents go out on the road, they most likely take some kind of mobile device with them and that’s where Badger takes things up a notch. By using our mobile app, your cleaning service agents will have full turn-by-turn directions to get them to each place without any hassle. They also get live traffic updates and the most accurate and up to date map information.

This is only a tiny fraction of what Badger Maps can do for your cleaning services company. To find out more and to see how to get your free 7 day no obligation trial, click on the links below.

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