Charitable Foundations

There are tons of reasons why a charitable foundation would need a good route mapping software – perhaps you have many offices you need to visit, business meetings to attend or maybe you are organizing sponsored events to raise money for the charities that you support. Whichever way it is, you need to be able to provide good route maps to make sure your staff can get to their meetings. If you were organizing sponsored walking or cycling events, for example, you would need to provide a map showing the route and the facilities that the attendees might need along the way.

As well as that, it is vital for all charitable foundations to keep on top of the organizations that they support and as such, must have a customer database even if it is just an excel spreadsheet. Badger Maps can provide you with an all in one business solution that includes:

  • Route optimization, to help you get places faster
  • CRM or spreadsheet integration with Badger Maps
  • Colorize feature to help you manage your customer database in innovative ways
  • Check in feature allows you to create a time and date stamped record of every visit you make
  • Mobile app with features like turn by turn driving directions, live traffic updates and more besides, all powered by Google Maps

Badger Maps also provides charitable foundations with an easy way to locate other organizations and charities that could benefit from their help. A simple search, using built in filters and parameters, will display all the result on a map showing their locations and clicking on each one will bring up information that is more detailed.

Charitable foundations can benefit hugely from Badger Maps and to see how we can help you today click on the links below. You will also find information on how to get our free 7 day no obligation trial and see just how effective Badger is for your business.

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