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Supplying and selling building materials are important tasks that all account managers should accomplish efficiently. When a customer places an order, you better deliver your goods in the quickest and most convenient way possible. After all, your clients also have a business to run or a building to finish. You can’t afford to let them hang around and wonder whether you will arrive or not. Thankfully, there is now an innovative business tool for building materials account managers, and it is called the Badger Maps.

So how can Badger Maps exactly help you improve your business? The answer lies in its powerful and cutting-edge features. Badger Maps acts as a route optimization, schedule managing, CRM, and lead generation software all rolled into one. Usage of Badger Maps can dramatically increase your sales and productivity.

Badger can completely integrate with your existing CRM tool. You can also import spreadsheets to it so you can have all your customers’ data conveniently gathered together in one place. Not only that, Badger can access your calendar app and let you know where to go next based on your schedule.

You can customize your map to your heart’s desire. Use the customizable filters to narrow down or widen your searches. Use the hide and unhide button for easy visualization of your customers on your map. The Colorize feature assigns colors to your clients and lets you sort them out according to different criteria.

If you really want to improve the way you work, Badger Maps is the answer. It is the best app for building materials account managers, and you can prove this by signing up for a free trial today!

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