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Are you in the broadcast media industry and you want to boost your sales? If yes, you probably know now that there are a lot of challenges to overcome to achieve this. One of them includes traveling from one customer to another. With the unpredictable traffic condition, you might spend more time on the road than what is necessary. So what is the best way to travel efficiently to your clients?

Badger Maps is the answer. This route optimizing software is innovatively designed to help salespeople identify where customers are and how to get to them in the most efficient way possible. Badger Maps can grab all your customers’ address from your CRM or Excel spreadsheet and plot them on a map.

“One out of every five sales is a direct result of the information Badger gives our team.”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

So what makes Badger Maps the most downloaded and used productivity app in the market today? For one, it can help you save time and money. By determining the best route to your customer, you will be able to eliminate unnecessary stops and turns.

Badger Maps allows you to filter clients based on your customized criteria. This gives you the ability to see only the people you need to see on the map for the moment. Furthermore, the Places feature identifies nearby potential customers and add them to your map.

These are just some of the many features of Badger Maps. It works well with an individual salesperson or a team. The power of Badger Maps can be unlimited depending upon how you work. Give it a try today and see how it can bring your sales to a whole new level.

The Best App for Field Sales People

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